Delayed flight? Google can already warn you before the airline itself

Google Flights has enabled a new feature capable of predicting if a flight will be delayed thanks to an automatic learning algorithm.

¿Vuelo retrasado? Google ya puede avisarte antes que la propia aerolínea
Google can not end flight delays, but you can let us know as soon as possible. Google Flights is testing new features, among which is to add the status of flights in the search results. In addition to obtaining information from airlines, the Internet giant will use an algorithm based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain information about flights that are going to be delayed but have not yet been registered by transport companies.

Of course, the delay will not be published in the search engine until the prediction does not have at least an 80% chance of being real. At that time, surely travelers will already be at the airport but at least they may have the information to “manage expectations and avoid surprises,” Google said in a statement.

In addition to the algorithm, Google will use historical data to predict whether a flight can suffer delays. That means that if, for example, a flight from any airline from Barcelona to London has been delayed several times, it is likely to happen again in the future. These data, added to the artificial intelligence of machine learning, are the bet of confidence of Google for this new feature.

To check if a flight is delayed, you can search through the name of the airline, the name of the flight or the route of the same. In case it is delayed, Google will include the causes and approximate time of the delay.

The reality about ‘low cost’ rates
The other feature announced by Google is focused on giving more information to people who buy low-cost flights. We will not have been the first to notice more than once that the final price of a flight did not include the selection of seats (mandatory and often expensive) or that required to carry a maximum of luggage. By failing to meet the requirement, prices per kilo or bulk plus is the perfect occasion for airlines to offset the price of a cheap flight.

“The new types of fares such as” Basic Economy “are excellent for people traveling on a limited budget, but it can be confusing to understand if important options, such as space in the upper compartment, ability to select your seat and luggage fees, they are included in the rate, “explained Google

Google Flights will inform you about these aspects that we normally do not consider and that end up raising the price. Also, they will include the restrictions that each airline places as the maximum baggage and the additional price per kilo.

Additional information has been put into effect on American, Delta and United flights but Google has in mind to expand the airlines on which it will extract such data.


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