he World Tourism Organization recognized Punta del Este for its sustainable tourism

It will give you the UNWTO Quest certification for its good practices, management and quality.It is the first destination management organization (OGD) that approved the standards and criteria of the world’s top tourism entity.

Punta del Este, the top resort in South America, was distinguished by the body in charge of the promotion of responsible tourism
Punta del Este, the top resort in South America, was distinguished by the body in charge of the promotion of responsible tourism

UNWTO Quest is a seal of quality and distinction for tourism management organizations of destination . Punta del Este was awarded a certification that belongs to a program of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in cooperation with the Themys Foundation, whose objective is the promotion of the sophistication and excellence of tourist cities in terms of planning , management and monitoring of sustainable development.

Agencia de Viajes en Paraguay

On December 20, Zurab Pololikashvili , secretary general of the UNWTO, sent a letter to the president of the Punta del Este Convention Bureau, Nicolás Kovalenko, informing that the spa had approved the training and study standards and processes to acquire the certification. In the letter, he said: “I am pleased to inform you of the positive outcome of the UNWTO Quest Certification process, in which the destination management organization Punta del Este Convention Bureau (Punta del Este, Uruguay) has participated. for the remarkable effort made since it began its march in March 2017 in the program We believe that it has led it to strengthen its internal capacities and improve its performance in the three key areas of destination management: strategic leadership, effective execution and governance efficient . “

This January 2 will be the formal concession of the document, which will be valid for four years and that will become the first tourist management organization (OGD) in the world to receive this certification . The mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antía, accompanied by other national authorities and the national tourism portfolio, will receive the distinction from the highest authority of the WTO, who on vacation in the country, celebrated: ” Thank you Uruguay for promoting tourism responsible, talking about the role of leaders in promoting tourism that includes children, youth as the basis of inclusive and sustainable tourism for all. “

The sculpture of the Fingers of the Chilean artist Mario Irarrazábal, icon of the landscape of the east coast

The sculpture of the Fingers of the Chilean artist Mario Irarrazábal, icon of the landscape of the east coast

In dialogue with the local media, the general secretary of the global tourism entity revealed that the recognition obeys good practices and the quality of the services offered to tourists, and because it is considered ” a prestigious spa, with a very strong brand, with high seasonality and with a strong articulated work of the public and private sector “. The World Tourism Organization is, according to its own definition, the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and accessible tourism for all. It has 158 member states : Argentina was admitted in 1975 and Uruguay two years later.

Its UNWTO Quest certification system is a strategic tool that allows implementing an improvement process in order to enhance internal management, contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of destinations . On its this website, the World Tourism Organization specifies that it grants the legal document to those OGDs that have demonstrated compliance with the criteria and standards of the program. “Accordingly, the DMOs will enjoy worldwide recognition as organizations certified in quality and excellence in terms of destination management with efficient governance and high performance in their performance,” the site describes.

Punta del Este achieved this in cooperation with the Punta del Este Convention Bureau and Punta del Este Destination, following a process initiated in 2012 of training, evaluation and internal audits that concerns public authorities and private sector leaders.

It was time! I’m taking a break and traveling to Russia!

It’s been a while since I blogged. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with the launch of my new white label web design agency. You should check it out. When I wake up from the siesta it’s night. I see the ceiling near my nose, as if my bed was levitating, and for a few seconds I do not remember where I am. I am again aware of the movement and the sounds and I realize that the two Russian ladies did not stop talking since I fell asleep, they were the voiceover of my nap. I like to listen to them without understanding. The Russian sounds to me, at times, similar to Portuguese in its soft way of pronouncing things. Sometimes I catch some of the words they say, like Istanbul, Anna Frank, baguette, frenchis and something that sounds like hokus pokus. The rest of the time is like listening to a song that I do not know but that for some reason comforts me. One of the women opens a tupper and starts eating strips of paprika with her hand. The provodnitsa appears in the cabin to offer us tea. I can no longer see the snow through the window, but I sense that we continue to move through open spaces, solitary and covered in white like this morning. It’s 4.40 in the afternoon. By the hour, we are going through Poland.

When snow was not visible yet, in Germany.

When you started to see everything white.

In the cabin we are four: the two women, the teenage daughter of one of them and me. We all climbed yesterday at Gare de l’Est, almost 24 hours ago, to do one of the longest train trips in Europe: Paris – Moscow. We share a space with four beds (two upstairs -which fold during the day- and two below) and a folding table with four cups. We have magnetic cards to enter the cabin, dials to control the temperature of the compartment and two bathrooms at the end of the corridor. In each car there are eight cabins like ours and a Russian stewardess – the provodnitsa – in charge of caring for their group of passengers. Each time the train brakes, the provodnitsas shelter themselves, get off and stand in front of the door of their wagon to receive the passengers, with the symmetry and coordination of a synchronized swimming team. During the rest of the trip, they order the tickets, clean the cabins and the bathroom, make any important announcement and give us, for a few rubles, Russian tea and instant coffee. Ours has a blue cap to the floor, boots with a lamb and a fur hat. It’s like the nanny in the car and does not speak English. This train is Russian and all indications, brochures and announcements are in Cyrillic.

Towns that are seen on the road.

I know my reasons for making a trip of 42 hours by train, but I am intrigued by my companions. Fear to fly? Love for the speed of the train, which goes to the rhythm of thoughts? Nostalgia? Comfort? In my case, I did not imagine this trip in another transport that was not a train. The idea of ​​going to Russia came up in December, when I told L that I needed to make a trip of disconnection. Traveling without a computer should be (is) the fantasy of the digital nomad, because of the contradiction that it generates from just thinking about it. “When I started traveling, I had no cell phone, no laptop, no emails to answer, no social networks, no need for Wi-Fi, or omnipresent 3G. I need to go back to that, “I told L,” I need to travel to travel, without thinking about the posts or the photos I’m going to publish. ” When L proposed Moscow, something inside of me said yes. There it is. In the end he could not travel and I decided to go alone, like in the old days. I put an autoresponder in the mail, a notice of “Closed for holidays” in my networks, I left the computer in Biarritz, I turned off the 3G and I took vacations for the first time in several years.

My two travel companions offline: my journal “Subjective travel map” and a blank notebook

Filling my journal <3

A neon sign indicates that it is -10 degrees outside and 20 hours to get to the Russian capital. The route Paris – Moscow is the second longest train journey in Europe, after Nice – Moscow: it is 3483 km, passing through Germany, Poland and Belarus. Some people do a vipassana meditation retreat to disconnect for a while from the world. I, who can not meditate while still, I just need a train. I spend a lot of the trip writing in my notebook. I also came for this: write. Or, maybe, I came alone for this. Having gotten on this train without the distractions of the internet, without work to deliver, without urgent matters to resolve, with an empty agenda (without an agenda) is my way of allowing me to write as long as I want, without interruptions and without the obligation of having than publish anything. I came to travel because I did and to write just because. This is my writing retreat, my train trip to the interior.

The provodnitsa appears to warn us that we are about to enter Belarus. I realize because the three women prepare their passports. I take mine and the mother effect begins.

– Did you travel alone? -Says one of them in basic English.

I say yes and smile. They ask me if I go to Moscow to study or visit, if it’s my first time there, if someone waits for me, if I have friends. They want to know where I’m going to sleep and how I’m going to pay the hostel: cash, credit card, money? I tell them with a card and they talk to each other. They ask me how I’m going to go to my hostel: metro, taxi? When I say “metro”, the one that is sitting next to me says something that I interpret as “pass me the wallet”. I get a bag that is at my side, open your wallet and gives me 100 rubles (a little more than one euro): “For metro.” I say no, I try to return them and put them in my notebook. She smiles at me and keeps talking to her friend, who asks me where I am from.

One of my cabinmates.

Fifteen minutes ago the Belarussian migration officer left with my passport and I do not know if the train is stopped because of me or if this wait is normal. She asked me why I do not have a transit visa, I told her I do not need her to be Argentine and she went to talk on the phone. Now I am doubting my affirmation. What if the free visa does not count for those who enter the train? What if I came uninformed? I have no way to check again or show you the embassy website, roaming costs 18 euros a mega and the train’s wifi is only enabled for phones with a Russian number. There is no technology to calm my anxiety and that’s fine, that’s why I came to disconnect, but I start to worry. It is very cold to be left stranded here, at a station in the middle of the snow in Belarus at 11 o’clock at night. Will I write the chronicle of when I got off the train for not having a visa? For some reason I do not see it as something terrible, except for the cold, for which I am not prepared, although if I am deported, it is. The officer has just returned my sealed passport without asking me questions. The three women smile at me relieved, as if they had known something that I did not.

The train is parked for at least one hour. They say that the dining car will open later, but it will be midnight and I’m starving. I go to the kitchen at the back of the car, where the provodnitsa is always used, to wash an apple. As soon as I open the tap, I hear someone shout “no, no, no!” The provodnitsa comes running, closes my bobbin, challenges me in Russian and when he sees me the frightened face beckons that they are working below. They are adapting the track width of the train to enter the former Soviet territory. I clean the apple as I can, I get into bed, I read Carl Sagan (my new favorite author, “Pale blue dot” seems like a great book to read on a trip like this) and I fall asleep.


I am awakened by classical music coming from a nearby loudspeaker and the voice of a man saying something from Moskva . I was dreaming that I was walking through a new city in slippers (that’s how the holidays imagine my unconscious). It is morning and we are entering Russia. I do not want to get out of bed, this train combines the best elements of a winter day: I can see the snowy landscapes without raising my head from the pillow. Now in the cabin we are two: the mother and her daughter got off last night in Minsk, we were the lady who gave me the rubles and me. I see her come back to the cabin with two black teas and two packets of vanilla cookies. He puts them on the folding table and invites me to breakfast with her. He beckons me that three hours to get to Moscow, I smile and offer him almonds.

I put on my stockings and stand in front of the corridor window to look at the landscape. My feet sink into the embroidered carpet that covers the common space of the car. The glass emanates cold, although on this side it looks like summer. We go through forests and villages of few houses, I see a man walking with a shovel and snow at the knees. The tracks parallel to ours are covered in white. Every time I see ten houses together I think we are on the outskirts of Moscow, but then the empty spaces come back. Writing is learning to be awake, I think. I just realized that in nine days I have been ten years since I went to Bolivia alone for the first time, and I celebrate them with this back to the origin. What if this was what I needed? Reencounter with what I fell in love with traveling. I do not know if I want to live in constant movement, but I do want movement in my life. Maybe I’ll start my year of offline travel, first travel and then count, or not tell anything. I do not know why I chose Russia, but right now, just by being on this train, I feel a connection with the country that I do not understand. Maybe this is the piece of the puzzle that I was missing.

42 hours of travel later, the train brakes in the last station: Москва . Everything I have in Moscow is a reserved hostel and a week without plans. I do not know anyone, nobody waits for me, I do not have an itinerary or a list of things to do. The lady in the cabin takes her suitcase from under the bed and beckons me to follow her. We got off together and walked in the company of a man who was waiting for her at the station. I do not know if it’s your husband, your brother, your friend, your partner or who. It snows so much that any luggage with wheels gets stuck every few meters. We left the station and the lady beckons me to follow the man, who will guide me to the subway. He does not speak English either. We walk about twenty steps, we enter another station, I give him 100 rubles and he buys me a card with balance for a trip. It shows me where we are on the map, it tells me where I have to do the combination and it goes away. On the platform I face the posters in Cyrillic for the first time, and making that five-minute combination takes more than half an hour. But I do not care, I have all the time in the world and these are the things I love to travel: feeling a bit lost, out of date, out of my comfort. I like to have to decipher posters without going to technology, I like to be in a place where I do not understand anything. When I arrive at the neighborhood of the hostel and see all the cars and buildings of pastel colors covered with snow, I begin to speak alone – when a place moves me and I do not have anyone to share it with, I get to speak out loud. And I say, with a huge smile and cold hands of the cold: what is this place, please, what do I do here. I leave my things in the hostel, put on several layers of clothes and walk to Red Square. I stand looking at the church, with the cold wind of Russian winter on my face and I think: “It was this. This was what I needed: to come to Moscow. ” And I have the feeling that I did not get to Russia for the first time, but I came back after a long time.

Useful information to make the train trip from Paris to Moscow:
Route : the train Paris – Moscow is from RZD (Russian Railways) and departs every Thursday from Gare de l’Est (Paris) and arrives on Saturdays at about 11 am to the Beloruskaya station in Moscow. The journey lasts 42 hours, with stops of few minutes in Strasbourg, Berlin, Warsaw, Brest and Minsk. If you want to get off at intermediate stations, it is best to buy the ticket in sections and not direct to Moscow. The train from Moscow to Paris departs on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. and arrives on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m.
Price : the price of the Paris – Moscow ticket in 2nd class starts at € 313 (one way). I took it out two weeks in advance and paid € 338 (I recommend taking it out with time because it runs out quickly). The easiest thing is to buy it on the oui.sncf website (French trains). It can also be purchased through the RZD website (it is complicated to use, I was never accepted by the card) or through an agency (with commission).
Cabins : the train has several classes, all with a bed: 1st class (cabins with two beds), 2nd class (cabins with two bunk beds), VIP (private cabin with bed, bathroom, shower and bar). If you travel alone, they will put you in a cabin with people of the same sex. The whole train is heated, I did not get cold, although outside it was -10. In each car there are two bathrooms and a shower.
Food : the train has a restaurant, but I recommend bringing food to have during the whole trip since the car-dining is not open all day. Near Gare de l’Est there are supermarkets where you can buy something to drink, fruits, bread and what you want to eat during the journey. In each car there is a hot and cold water dispenser that can be used throughout the trip.
Visas : I traveled with an Argentine passport and did not need a visa, but I know that a lot of countries do ask for a tourist visa for Russia and a transit visa to cross Belarus, so make sure you have that before traveling.

Delayed flight? Google can already warn you before the airline itself

Google Flights has enabled a new feature capable of predicting if a flight will be delayed thanks to an automatic learning algorithm.

¿Vuelo retrasado? Google ya puede avisarte antes que la propia aerolínea
Google can not end flight delays, but you can let us know as soon as possible. Google Flights is testing new features, among which is to add the status of flights in the search results. In addition to obtaining information from airlines, the Internet giant will use an algorithm based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain information about flights that are going to be delayed but have not yet been registered by transport companies.

Of course, the delay will not be published in the search engine until the prediction does not have at least an 80% chance of being real. At that time, surely travelers will already be at the airport but at least they may have the information to “manage expectations and avoid surprises,” Google said in a statement.

In addition to the algorithm, Google will use historical data to predict whether a flight can suffer delays. That means that if, for example, a flight from any airline from Barcelona to London has been delayed several times, it is likely to happen again in the future. These data, added to the artificial intelligence of machine learning, are the bet of confidence of Google for this new feature.

To check if a flight is delayed, you can search through the name of the airline, the name of the flight or the route of the same. In case it is delayed, Google will include the causes and approximate time of the delay.

The reality about ‘low cost’ rates
The other feature announced by Google is focused on giving more information to people who buy low-cost flights. We will not have been the first to notice more than once that the final price of a flight did not include the selection of seats (mandatory and often expensive) or that required to carry a maximum of luggage. By failing to meet the requirement, prices per kilo or bulk plus is the perfect occasion for airlines to offset the price of a cheap flight.

“The new types of fares such as” Basic Economy “are excellent for people traveling on a limited budget, but it can be confusing to understand if important options, such as space in the upper compartment, ability to select your seat and luggage fees, they are included in the rate, “explained Google

Google Flights will inform you about these aspects that we normally do not consider and that end up raising the price. Also, they will include the restrictions that each airline places as the maximum baggage and the additional price per kilo.

Additional information has been put into effect on American, Delta and United flights but Google has in mind to expand the airlines on which it will extract such data.


Easy methods to Get Low-cost Flights to Europe

Going out for a vacation break is a tremendous expertise and a lot of the vacationers sit up for expertise such great and wonderful enjoyable stuffed moments at any unique vacation spot. As there are many unique locations to go to on this world and to discover, it’s now as much as the vacationers to determine which vacation spot they need to go to and have to see what kinds of actions are potential at these locations. Out of many wonderful areas on the earth Europe is without doubt one of the hottest vacation locations that the general public would like to go along with their relations or with their buddies. However when time for reserving your air flight tickets comes you may presumably need to take into consideration getting varied methods of getting low cost flights to Europe so to avoid wasting quantity for additional spending in Europe. For planning an affordable journey to Europe one also can take into consideration methods to get low cost airfares on Europe flight. However earlier than you discover out methods getting low cost flights inside Europe, vacationers have to should first contemplate a couple of issues to make their journey extra pleasant and memorable. Typically, your journey to Europe might be pleasant once you save loads from low cost flights or from reductions affords and you are able to do much more issues from the cash you’ve gotten saved from air flight tickets.

Europe is without doubt one of the most marvelous continents having all type of fascinating actions saved for everybody within the household. Vacationers can go to numerous European counties and benefit from the sights seeing and its cultural experiences. However there are few most vital factor vacationers want determine earlier than visiting any of the European nation. There are few components which can be essential to search for in order that one can simply come throughout a number of strategies of discovering some low cost and low cost flights to Europe. Vacationers have to first determine about their arrival date in one of many European international locations. A number of info must be taken care relying on unsure weather conditions, crowds and air flight seat availability, sort of visa or different documentation associated to enter any European international locations. Since European international locations has separate air flight so traveler want to take a look at for separate airways having varied costs for the airline tickets. There are numerous low cost airways for Europe which doesn’t affords any refund insurance policies to their clients, so the vacationers want to verify about all of the related particulars about their low cost air flight to Europe. Other than this cross checking vacationers must also take a look at whether or not they have the proper of air flight tickets for reasonable flights to Europe.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of vacationers who have no idea steps for locating low cost air journey charges for Europe tour. Web is without doubt one of the finest methods to seek out low cost air ticket for Europe. Whereas utilizing Web vacationers can discover the variety of totally different approaches vacationers ought to take to seek out low cost air flight tickets for Europe journey. First time going vacationers ought to begin with on-line journey web sites. Web is the quickest rising industries serving to in on-line journey. There are large quantity of on-line suppliers every looking for your small business, that nice offers with wonderful low cost airfares to Europe. Many journey web sites enable a traveler to match air flights costs with totally different airways. Vacationers also can evaluate their air flights with one airline, however with a versatile time or date window. Someday a traveler fails to know that very same flight can price extra money on a weekend, that’s on Saturday than it will on a weekdays for instance Wednesday and so forth. On-line journey web sites assist you to to seek out low cost European air journey charges. There are some vacationers who doesn’t know a lot of on-line journey web sites, for such vacationers trying to find Flights to Europe is completed by performing a typical Web search. Evaluating a number of on-line journey web sites and their air flight costs is vital. There are variations within the airplane worth. Though, on-line journey web sites are one of the best ways to seek out low cost journey charges for Europe tour, however one must also take a look at with the airline authorities or an experience journey agent.

Though, searching for excellent affords about low cost air flights tickets and low cost airfares for Europe flight, the Web may be very time consuming however it’s nonetheless price it if you’ll be able to discover an ideal low cost air flight deal. Vacationers with versatile vacation spot picks, flying dates and time may end up in saving cash on low cost European air flight. Whereas evaluating to air flight costs, both with particular person airways or with on-line journey web sites, make a degree to jot down down all of the listed data displayed. A number of different data a traveler want to jot down down whereas doing comparability buying contains the airline, flying dates, flying time and so forth. This may enable a traveler to match simply for locating least expensive air journey offers on Europe flight with out making any errors. It is vital for a traveler to e-book their air flight ticket for Europe as quickly as they arrive throughout a very good deal on any air flight for any of European international locations. One mustn’t hesitate for reserving their flight tickets, because it takes no time to vary the air flight charges. Airways providing nice offers on their air flights could have their seats refill as rapidly as potential, so it’s suggested to behave quick to seize such thrilling offers.

Looking for consolidator flight tickets are one other wonderful approach to get an affordable flight tickets to Europe. Such consolidator flight tickets can be found by means of wholesalers; such tickets are typically cheaper than the traditional airline fares. Typically, such consolidator wholesalers do not deal immediately with the vacationers; they provide their air flight tickets to the journey brokers, who resell these low cost air flight tickets to the widespread individuals than the airline can. Vacationers looking for discovering methods of getting low cost air flight tickets to Europe ought to go searching for Reductions and Packages. Search of varied low cost affords that incorporates low cost flights inside Europe and low cost coupons. Typically such low cost flights and low cost coupons don’t come simply because it sounds. One must be privy to such reductions and discount coupons going round in aviation market. Other than wanting into the provides one has to take data whereas reserving air flight tickets for Europe. Low cost coupons and particular vacation packages performs an ideal function in attracting a traveler.

Factors to recollect:

1. Vacationers can get low cost flight for his or her Europe vacation if they give the impression of being out their air flight tickets from Web.
2. Vacationers ought to at all times go for comparison-shopping earlier than making any choice.
three.Trip packages, low cost flight tickets and low cost affords are given by the airways; vacationers have to enquire about such affords.
four. Getting an air flight tickets from a consolidator is one other wonderful approach to get an affordable flight tickets to Europe.